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Our Mission

Career Institute main objective is to spread education and provide employment to the unemployed. The motto of the Career Institute is “Service to Humanity is Service to God”. The institute aims at spreading Education among the poor and socially backward sections of the society.

The Managing Committee of the Career Institute pays great importance to the level of education provided to the student hence a managing committee of the Career Institute has been setup to work after the education and administration of the institute. Career Institute expert’s finds that a proper training methodology combined with specific course curriculum is a must to impart optimum skills to a student.


Er. Charanjit Singh
Managing Director

"Success comes to only those who steps first on unknown paths with certain themes."

In this highly competitive world, only the properly trained persons can find a firm footing. It is not enough to be a Graduate or Post Graduate these days to qualify for reasonable positions. The career opportunities are unlimited for those who are qualified to accept the challenges.
Career Institute aims at making available to every promising young Indian, the means of acquiring modern education, stimulating the power of expression and developing an all rounder personality. While equipping the students with scientific and Technical training, it emphasizes the right attitude, which cannot be scarified.
I feel very happy to inform you that career institute announced some most effective and valued teaching programs, which will help you eminently to secure your goal in various field. It is matter of satisfaction for all of us that with the launch of system of entire educational scene of the country have undergone a metamorphosis transformation. The facility of education is available today at the door step of each and every citizen of the country not withstanding the facts of his being either a Serviceman, Housewife, Businessman, rich or poor irrespective of his caste, religion, creed or place of residence.
We are happy that this department, through its quantitative and qualitative growth during this period, not only by offering undergraduate and diploma courses but also by postgraduate and professional level courses. While welcoming you all to this department, I would like to assure you that you have a wider field of opportunities open before you and if you have the will and determination to go ahead with the march towards your cherished goal no one can stop you.